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Welcome to Unreal-Battles

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Create Teams

Create teams & customizable pages for your team, join tournaments with your team!

Join Tournaments

Join all type of tournaments such as round robin tournaments, leagues & even ladders, you can join some tournaments as a team or as a individual player. Some or our tournaments will also include prizes!

Live Events

We will also be hosting LIVE tournaments on Twitch or YouTube with amazing commentary!

Win Prizes

Chance to win all different type of prizes when you join certain tournaments!

Create & manage

Create teams & create customizable team pages with all your team information.  You can also join tournaments as a team!

join teams

You don’t even have to create a team you can join a team already signed up if your invited by a team leader.  We recommend you join our Discord server & get to know the players & play with some players before players will start inviting you to their team.  To see a list of all teams click the button below!

Social Media

To join our community or view our content or even watch us live stream our events, click one of following images below!